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Creating a Cutting-Edge Fitness Solution

This case study delves into the pivotal project where Visidek was entrusted with the task of creating a comprehensive fitness and nutrition app, redefining the way people approach health and well-being.

Truvy's Health Quest

Truvy, a health and wellness company known for its extensive range of products and supplements aimed at promoting healthier living, approached Visidek with a compelling challenge. Truvy's existing app, while serving as a repository for fitness tracking data, fell short of providing a holistic solution for its users. The limitations of the app necessitated a more robust and user-friendly approach to nutrition tracking, workout routines, and overall health and fitness guidance. Truvy's mission to empower individuals to lead healthier lives through a multifaceted approach emphasized the importance of this challenge.

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Collaborative Kickstart

The collaboration between Visidek and Truvy began when Truvy sought a partner capable of designing and developing an app that would cater to the evolving needs of health-conscious individuals.

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The development process was characterized by a highly collaborative approach. Visidek and Truvy worked hand-in-hand to shape the solution, starting with a rudimentary prototype. This prototype included nutrition lesson outlines, an introduction to healthy eating, and basic fitness routines. Through an iterative process, the app evolved from simple prototypes into a fully functional fitness and nutrition platform, enriched with educational content, recipes, and a wide array of workout programs.

Deliverable Highlights

Through many iterations, the team was able to ship a functional app with a number of impactful features:

Fitness library

The fitness library in the app provides a wide range of workout programs and exercises, offering users a comprehensive selection of exercises to choose from. It serves as a valuable resource for individuals looking to improve their fitness levels and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Phone screen mockups for the fitness pages..
Nutrition tracker

The app is connected to a nutrition database that allows users to search for food items and track meals. The data allows them to view their calories and macro nutrients. They can take a survey to setup a meal plan.

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E-commerce shop

The app also features Truvy’s supplement products where users can take a guided quiz and add items to their cart. The app also has built-in functionality to purchase and create the orders.

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Admin panel

The Truvy team requested the ability to manage app content from an authoring interface. The Visidek team was able to deliver an Admin app that allowed the Truvy team to update content in real-time.

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Implementation Tools

To build the SF5 app, the team utilized a variety of tools and technologies. For design, the team started using Sketch and eventually migrated to Figma. In terms of technologies, they leveraged React Native for the app's development, ensuring a seamless user experience across different platforms.

Design Tools
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Launch & Impact

The result of this collaborative effort was nothing short of transformative. Visidek delivered a cutting-edge app that provided value to Truvy and its customers. Truvy's business received the benefits of increased customer engagement and enhanced product promotion. The app achieved over 50,000 downloads, with half of those being new referrals to Truvy, emphasizing its significant impact on customer acquisition.

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The app also serves as a valuable tool for Truvy's associates, aiding them in building their businesses and introducing potential new customers to Truvy's products. The app offers a platform for users to purchase products and track their weight loss journeys.

The feedback from Truvy regarding their collaboration with Visidek has been predominantly positive, highlighting the responsiveness and commitment of the Visidek team.

Visidek's collaboration with Truvy on this project has not only delivered substantial value to their business but has also opened up new possibilities in the health and wellness industry.

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Visidek - All rights Reserved. 2023

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